Premier Medical Center

Personalized Solutions for Your Healthcare Needs

Direct Primary Care is an innovative health care solution serving men, women, and children by providing comprehensive and highly personalized primary health care services. By eliminating insurance interference we have increased the efficiency of your primary care, giving you greater access to and more one-on-one time with your doctor. In turn, this nets a better doctor-patient relationship and better health outcomes. Dr. Tim Kruse is leading the way to a better style of care, putting patients back in control of their health.

Studies Show That Direct Primary Care Can Even Save You Money by

  • Reducing and streamlining the number of medications

  • Reducing the number of hospital and emergency room visits

  • Reducing unnecessary specialist referrals

  • Reducing laboratory and imaging costs

  • Reducing unnecessary medications and cost

Similar to your gym membership, you pay a simple monthly fee regardless of how often you would like to see or talk to us. Pay quarterly or annually for even greater savings! This allows you to reserve your insurance coverage for more expensive items such as medical imaging, surgery, specialist care, emergency department visits, and hospitalization.